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About Midrub Docs

My name is Ruslan Sirbu and i've written the Midrub's code and i've created this Docs website to help you easily find information about how Midrub can be configured and used. 

I think the Midrub Docs provides the easiest way to find the needed information because i've grouped the content by categories. And all categories are easy to find and read. Moreover it has a search engine to get suggestions based on your search and to find the wanted information.

The search suggestion shows the first 10 articles. By clicking on the button Search, you will get more articles and pagination to navigate. 

In the home page you will find a section with the last articles. But in categories pages, you will see a new section with featured articles in that category. Otherwise, if there aren't featured articles, the section will display the last articles like in the home page.

Main categories:

  • Configuration - contains articles about how to configure anything in Midrub.
  • Usage - contains articles about how to use Midrub's features.
  • Apps, Themes and Components - contains useful information about Midrub's apps, themes and components. You can read there about features and how to develop new things. 

To make the categories more cool i'm using the font Icons: