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Midrub Social Planner Configuration

The Midrub Social Planner app don't has specific configuration and if you have already configured the networks for other apps in the Social Planner you don't need to configure nothing. 

If you're enabling groups with accounts in the User -> Settings -> Posts -> Display Groups you will see groups with accounts even in the Midrub Social Planner App. 

Midrub Social Planner is based on cron job and if you've created a cron's command with the url cron-job or cron.php Midrub Posts Planner will work. 

Midrub Posts Planer supports even CSV import, the required CSV format is here: 


If you won't respect the CSV's format the posts won't be uploaded. Title isn't required, if you don't want a title, just add "", same for url and image url. Text is important, without the post won't be imported.

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