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How to configure Adobe Express in the CRM Social app

Adobe Express is a design app which could be used to easily create stunning social graphics. I have integrated this app even in the CRM Social app. 

To configure the Adobe Express:

  • Go to Adobe and Sign In.

  • Go to this url

  • Click on the button Create new project.

  • You will be redirected to the created project page.

  • Click on the button Add to Project -> API.

  • Select Adobe Express Embed SDK.

  • Click the Next button.

  • Select Single-Page App.

  • You have to enter there an url. The url could be found in the CMS -> administrator panel -> Plugins page(seventh icon from the main menu) -> CRM Social -> Creative Design -> Redirect URI.

  • Click the Next button.

  • Click the Save configured API button.

  • Copy the Project name and CLIENT ID and paste in the CMS -> administrator panel -> Plugins page(seventh icon from the main menu) -> CRM Social -> Creative Design -> Client ID.

The configuration is ready. Next step is to request for Adobe review. In your project click on Approval and fill the form.

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