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3D secure with Stripe

Midrub has supports for Stripe payments by default. Your clients could pay only with credit cards and 3D secure is supported too. 3D secure is supported by default for one time payment and for recurring payments. 

Midrub has a very complex payments system and it has some security features like has the bank(but i don't have soo many knowledges as their security enginers and my payments system is more basic). When the user wants to make a payment, the sessions are saved until page refresh and then are lost. For this reason the 3D secure for Stripe like for Braintree, was a headache. In the main directory you will find the loading.html file which is required by default for Stripe. Stripe requires a redirect url, if the url is a php, the session will be lost, for this reason i've used the loading.html which won't touch the session. After redirect the modal will be closed and the user confirmation will be sent to the server. 

The 3D secure for Stripe requests only a user click as confirmation, instead sms like Braintree. 

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