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About Midrub Support Desk

Midrub Support Desk is a collection with apps created with the scope to provide support. These apps were developed for the Midrub CMS and them can be used to provide support by plans.

The administrator have to create first a hidden plan for agents and other visible plans for users:

  • The agent's plan should be for one user only which will have his team. The Midrub Support Desk wasn't developed to have multiple users as agents. Only one could be agent and that user could have a team.

  • The client's plans could be visible or hidden. Clients could change their plan and receive more or less features based on the plans. Client could have too a team like the agent.

Each Midrub Support Desk's app has a client and agent mode. Both agents and apps will have same apps. But the Chats could be restricted for some plans.

The Midrub's components for users(Activities, Plans, Settings and Team), have integration with the Midrub Support Desk's apps and are used to display the clients/agents activities, team's settings, account's settings and plans. 

The Midrub Support Desk could be very useful to provide support to the clients for software, design and other kind of services. The clients could open new tickets and chat with the agents.

As bonus, with the Midrub Support Desk is provided even the Midrub Wisto theme which was created for this collection with apps.

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