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Apps Introduction

What are the apps in Midrub? The apps in Midrub are services provided to users. Each app is a service which can be controlled from the user's plan. Each app is standalone developed to save resources.

Each Midrub app has it's CSS files and JS files. Moreover each app has support for cron jobs, ajax requests, hooks, live access for public and info method about the app.

Midrub Apps should be enabled first from Midrub -> Admin -> User -> Apps. After this you will see them in the Plans. From plans you can enable apps, enable apps services and restrict their features per plan. 

My apps follows the MVC model but you can create your own as you want. you just have to follow an interface. Each app has it's language files and you can translate them in multiple languages. Each app has it's models and database's tables are created when the app is used.

To create an app you can look for documentation in the Apps category.

Soon will be possible to install the apps and update them automatically from admin. From version i've added even version max and minimum and i'm going to restrict installation if doesn't meet requirements. 

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