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Classifications Introduction for Frontend Themes

Classifications is synonym which i've found for the group word. I've thought to create a way to group the contents in the Midrub Frontend Themes and the word which was more original is classifications(i wanted to have original name for the Midrub's features).

Classifications allows to group the contents in Midrub. With Classifications you cant's group the Member Access pages. 

The Classifications could be tags, categories, hashtags, menu and anything you need to group the content. Multiple languages the Classifications supports too like the Contents feature.

When you're creating new Classifications them are saved in the tables:

  • classifications - classification's slug provided by the theme, classification type and parent.
  • classifications_meta - contains the text which you're writting and your preferences. 

The Classifications are provided by the enabled theme and each developer could decide how will be called his classifications and how many type of Classifications you will have. 

I like the Classifications because i'm able to manage easily thousands of Classifications in the and save the contents as i want.

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