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Contents Introduction for Frontend Themes

Contents in the Frontend Themes are dynamic informations saved in the database's tables contents, contents_classifications and contents_meta. These informations can be articles, posts and any kind of text.

The contents support is provided by the enabled the Frontend Theme. When you're enabling a theme, it could show in the Administrator -> Frontend new menu's items where you can create new infomation. The Members Access pages are too contents in the database's tables contents, contents_classifications and contents_meta. 

When you're creating a new contents in the database will be saved:

  • contents(table) - user data, content's slug and other information provided by the theme.
  • contents_classifications(table) - content's ID and classification's ID.
  • contents_meta(table) - contains all text saved by you. The difference between first and this table is the first saves hidden data but contents_meta saves what you want.

Contents supports multiple languages and via the theme templates is possible to save any kind of data. 

The contents created will be possible to use only in the enabled theme and only in the Members Access pages. 

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