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Create a new plannification in the Midrub Social Planner

Midrub Social Planner has advanced features for posts planning. With this app you can plan your posts to be published in some days of a week, publish once per month, once per 3 months, once in several years, etc. 

Midrub Social Planner allows you to select unlimited posts and add in a plannification. Then you can create plannification rules.

Main features:

  • You can select days of the week when the posts will be published: for example only on sunday and monday.
  • You can select the number of posts per day.
  • You can select multiple intervals of time.
  • You can order your posts to be published in random way or ordered.
  • You can select a multimedia category and add automatically media files to your plannification.
  • Any time you can manage the selected accounts.
  • Any time you can edit your posts.
  • You can create unlimited plannification's rules.
  • And much more.

In the video below you can see how works the posts planning in Midrub Social Planner:

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