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CRM Analytics Metrics Introduction

Metrics in the CRM Analytics app are types of insights which are displayed in the CRM Analytics app. A metric for example could display the likes, another metric could be the number of achieved fans, etc. Each metric shows a unique type of insights.

The metrics displays the information by using templates:

  • Square - is the most popular template used to display the metrics insights. It shows total number of insights, total growth in a selected time interval and the insights achieved by days.

  • Overall - shows general insights in the Platforms pages. 

  • Engagements_by_hour - shows the posting popularity by hours. 

  • Facebook_posts, Linkedin_posts and others are showing the posts with their insights. Each platform has original template to display the posts because the posts have different information.

These templates have support to display the information in the user's panel, emails, CSV and PDFs.

What i'm doing to load fast the pages with the metrics? 

Each time when a metric is called, it parses the insights in real time from the social networks. Such requests are using the server resources and is required time to display the insights. If the insights are saved in the database, the user won't have problems with the speed. If the user's insights aren't saved in the database, after the first real time request, the insights will be saved in the cache and next call to the same metric will be faster.

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