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CRM Social Code Introduction

CRM Social is an app for the Midrub CMS version + which allows to share posts on the most popular social networks and blogging platforms. 

The CRM Social app code has two locations:

  • application/base/user/apps/collection/crm_social - here is located all PHP code. 

  • assets/base/user/apps/collection/crm-social - here are located all JS and SCSS/CSS files + some images.

The PHP code is grouped in 11 folders:

  • controllers - here are the classes which manages the ajax/cron job requests and displays the app's pages to the users.

  • helpers - here are the classes which processes the ajax/cron job requests. The controllers classes uses the helpers.

  • inc - here are located all files with the functions and hooks.

  • interfaces - here are located all interfaces which specifies how should be the networks classes, shorteners classes, tools classes, etc.

  • libs - here are located some libraries which i have written to use in the app's tools.

  • models - contains the tables for the database which are created when the app is installed. Also, it contains some models with advanced sql requests.

  • networks - here are located all networks used to publish and delete the posts from the social networks.

  • tools - contains the tools Scheduler, RSS Sharing, Bulk Sharing and Planner.

  • vendor - contains some external libraries used in the app.

  • views - contains the php files with html content. 

In the folder assets/base/user/apps/collection/crm-social are located 5 folders:

  • img - contains some images used in the app.

  • js - contains the javascript files.

  • styles - contains the SCSS and CSS files.

  • temp - is empty by default. Is location where are saved some temporary files.

  • tools - contains the SCSS, CSS and JS files.

The CRM Social app has 46 tables in the database.

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