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CRM Social Hooks Introduction

The CRM Social app is very big and has 46 tables in the database. It has records about the media files and networks saved in the database but the main information is in the CMS tables because them are used in all apps.

The hooks are the best way to keep the database clean and them are used to delete the records from the apps which have separate tables. 

When from the system are deleted the social accounts, the hooks are deleting all accounts records even from the CRM Social app. The accounts records will be deleted but won't be deleted the posts, RSS Feeds, batches or planifications where are used the deleted accounts. If a processed post, RSS Feed, batch or planification won't have any selected social accounts(because were deleted), the CRM Social app will save a record about missing accounts and will change the status to failed for the posts RSS Feeds, batches and planifications.

When from the system is deleted a media file, its records will be deleted with the hooks from the CRM Social app. Therefore, if the media files were removed(from the posts, batches or planifications), the posts, batches and planifications will fail and will let the user know what is happened. There won't be errors in the code.

What happens if the user has disabled an enabled app?

  • The scheduled posts will be failed all.

  • The RSS Feeds will be disabled.

  • The batches will be disabled.

  • The planifications will be disabled.

In the History will be saved one message: The Social app was disabled.

When the user deletes its account, all its records are deleted from the 46 tables of the CRM Social app.

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