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CRM Social Media Resources Introduction

In the CRM Social app users could download gifs(saved as videos), videos and images from Giphy, Pexels and Pixabay. The users could search for media files and download them with a click.

Each media resource has its class in the CRM Social app. The developers could develop new classes for new media resources which will be added in the CRM Social app.

The media resources classes are located in the folder application/base/user/apps/collection/crm_social/libs/collection/media/collection.

Each class should have these methods:

  • media_is_configured - return true if the media resource is configured. False if is not configured.

  • media_list - returns a list with media files.

  • media_configuration - the created classes displays automatically the configuration fields in the CRM Social plugin -> Images & Videos page. This method should return the configuration fields.

  • media_information - this method returns an array with the media resource information.

The interface for the shorteners classes can be found here application/base/user/apps/collection/crm_social/interfaces/media.php

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