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CRM Social Networks Introduction

The networks in the CRM Social app are the social networks and the blogging platforms where the app is allowing to publish the posts. The networks classes are located in the folder application/base/user/apps/collection/crm_social/networks.

The networks in the CRM Social app aren't used to connect the social accounts. From the CRM Social app is possible to connect social accounts but the accounts are connected by using the CMS classes hereĀ application/base/user/networks.

The CRM Social app networks are used for these scopes:

  • preview - for providing of the code to display preview for the social posts.

  • publish - for publishing of the posts.

  • delete - for the posts deletion.

  • preferences - for social accounts preferences in the CRM social app.

  • information - for networks information.

The posts preview is partially located in the networks classes. The styles and js code are located in the js and styles folders hereĀ assets/base/user/apps/collection/crm-social.

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