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CRM Social Planner Introduction

Planner is a default tool in the CRM Social app which could be used to find easy the posts, update the scheduled posts, schedule new posts and re-schedule the published/failed posts.

The posts created in the Scheduler, RSS Sharing and Bulk Sharing tool are displayed in the Planner tool. There is only one restriction for posts, the posts in the queue/unapproved aren't displayed. The posts in the queue should be approved first to see them in the Planner tool.

In the Planner tool are present 3 calendars which are displaying the posts:

  • Daily shows only one day and the navigation buttons could be used to navigate through the posts.

  • Weekly shows 7 days and the navigation buttons are supported too. 

  • Monthly shows one month with all available posts. 

The Filters could be used to filter the displayed posts in the calendars:

  • Filter Posts Status allows to restrict the posts by statuses.

  • Filter Posts Authors allows to restrict the posts by authors(team's members).

  • Filter Social Networks allows to restrict the posts by social networks.

Only the team's administrator could use the Filters feature.

The Planner tool has even a sidebar with the Media Gallery and Drafts. The user is able to drag and drop the media files and drafts in the calendars to create new posts.

The posts in the calendars could be dragged and dropped in the future or today date column. This action could be done to update the scheduled time. 

To schedule a post is enough to click on a date column(today or future).

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