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CRM Social Plugin Configuration

The CRM Social app is very big and has a lot of features. For this reason I have created the CRM Social plugin which contains several pages with settings for the CRM Social app.

The main page in the CRM Social Plugin is Configuration. In this page I have added the limits for some features from the CRM Social app.

The limits which could be found in the Configuration page are:

  • Planifications Times - by default users could create up to 100 times conditions in each planned posts. I'm going to add drag and drop support for planned posts and the times will be created/deleted automatically when the users will change the location of a planned post.

  • Groups Accounts - by default the users are able to create up to 100 groups with accounts where them will be able to publish their posts.

  • CSV Limit - by default a CSV file could contain up to 1000 rows. This limit will stop to save the words when will be reached. 

  • Words Limit - by default the users could create in the Spintax feature up to 100000 words with conditions. This limit allows to increase or decrease the number of saved words.

  • Categories Limit - this limit allows to control the crated number of categories in the Spintax feature. Default value is 1000.

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