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CRM Social Shorteners Introduction

The CRM Social has support for multiple url shorteners services. The user could select the url shortener service which will be used to shorts the links in its posts.

I have created separate classes for each url shortener service.

The classes are located in the folder application/base/user/apps/collection/crm_social/libs/collection/shorteners/collection

The classes for he url shorteners services have these methods:

  • shortener_is_configured - return true if the url shortener service is configured. False if is not configured.

  • shor_url - shorts the urls.

  • shortener_configuration - the created classes displays automatically the configuration fields in the CRM Social plugin -> Url Shorteners page. This method should return the configuration fields.

  • shortener_information - this method returns an array with the shortened information.

The interface for the shorteners classes can be found here application/base/user/apps/collection/crm_social/interfaces/shorteners.php

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