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Frontend Themes Introduction

Midrub has 3 types of themes: Frontend, User and Admin. The Frontend themes are more advanced because them don't displays the components or apps. And my goal is to allow Midrub to develop any kind of website. 

The Frontend theme has:

  • Templates - which can be used to custom the pages.
  • Classification - which can be used to group the content.
  • Parts - where you can put the pieces of templates used in all templates, like header or footer.
  • Ajax Processor - which can process the ajax's calls.
  • Hooks importer - which registers and uses hooks where them are required.
  • Languages - contains language files which you can translate and make the theme available in more languages.
  • Js and Css files.

Soon you will be able to install themes with a click from the admin panel and get updates for themes from the admin panel.

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