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Get easily published or scheduled posts in Midrub

The Scheduled tab was created in Midrub to help you easily find the scheduled posts in Midrub. This feature displays in a calendar the published/scheduled/drafted posts. 

Each post could have a photo displayed, a video cover, several words from the post's content and up to 7 social icons with networks where was or will be published the post.

You can find your scheduled posts, see content and delete them. You can navigate in the calendar by month, week or day. When you click on the posts, you will see details and the Delete button. 

From Scheduled tab you can even schedule new posts. Just click on today or future date and you will see in a modal the Quick Scheduler with accounts and available media files. The Quick Scheduler is basic comparing with Posts Composer. 

The video below shows how you can use the Scheduled Tab in Midrub Posts:

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