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Get instructions for networks about how to connect and use

In Midrub the Networks are used in both User's Apps and all types of Components. Networks can be social networks, websites, marketplaces, email services, etc.

Networks classes are located inĀ application/base/user/networks and you can add support for any network you want with a class.

Each network has a types and is displayed in the Midrub Accounts Manager based on type. In the Accounts Manager each network has number of connected accounts, colors, icons, buttons and even instructions.

Instructions are added automatically and you can translate them in any language you want. Instructions helps people to connect and use the networks.

The instructions for default networks are located inĀ application/language/english/default_networks_lang.php.

To add new instructions, just add a language key 'instruction_' + name of your network's file.

In the video below you can see what are networks instructions:

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