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Groups Introduction

The Groups in the CRM social app are collections with social accounts which could be used for posting. The users could create groups with multiple social accounts and select automatically all of them when is selected a group.

The created groups are displayed in the tools Scheduler, RSS Sharing, Bulk Sharing and Planner. 

When is deleted a group, all accounts are removed from the group but aren't deleted. A group could be updated anytime. Users could rename the groups, add/remove the accounts.


  • Create collections with accounts and share posts to all of them easier.


  • Is not possible to get the account's settings like categories(for Youtube), preferences like Made for Kids and other like these.

  • Is not possible to boost the posts(is possible set up the boosting from the main accounts settings but not from the accounts settings in the Composer).

  • Is not possible to get a custom preview. Will be displayed a default preview for the posts.

There are more disadvantages to use this option than advantages. Even so, this option could be very useful if someone has a large number of accounts.

Is possible to select for posting both accounts and groups.

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