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How can be saved the phone numbers from the Instagram direct messages

The CRM Chatbot for Instagram app is able to identify the phone numbers from the Instagram direct messages. Once identified a phone number, it will be saved in a separate list and displayed in the page Numbers.

In the page Numbers we are able to see all phone numbers from the received direct messages. The system identifies the dupplicates and doesn't save them. We could find phone numbers by using the search input available in the page Numbers. Moreover, by clicking on the phone number we will see the conversation and message from where was saved the phone number.

We can export the saved phone numbers in a CSV file. By clicking on the Export button, all phone numbers will be deleted.

We can delete the phone numbers one by one. The confirmation modal will help us to avoid a mistake.

The team members will see only the phone numbers saved from the Instagram accounts where them have access by their role.

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