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How clients could connect their products to receive support

First of all, the agent should create a list in the Support Products app with the products for which he wants to provide support. Next step, the client will connect their products from a selected marketplace. If their products are in the agent's list, them will be saved.

Will be saved only the product's logo and date when it expires. The product's name will insert the agent. 

The connected products will be displayed for clients in the Support Products app. Also, clients will see when he support subscription expires and will be able to reconnect them again.

The products are important to be connected, because the agent could decide to allow new chat creation and new tickets creation only if the client selects a product. The products for which support subscription has been expired, won't be displayed in the New Tickets/Chats form.

In this way, the agent have full control for what he wants to provide support. 


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