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How to add preferences in a SellIt's model for items

The SellIt app allows to  create easy models which will be used to sell items. These models could be as you wish. The SellIt has many features models and i've invented even an original idea for preferences.

What are the item's preferences? The preferences could be size, color, style, quantity, shipping data, etc. These preferences should be showed in the transaction's information to help your clients to understand for what their clients have paid.

You could add the preferences in any way you wish. Just remember, the preferences should be sent as post data with two fields:

  • item[preference key] - contains the selected or added preference.
  • label[preference key] - contains the preference's word displayed to the client and to his clients.

The preference's key should be same for these two fields. I'm using them as value for input/select name.

The form should have as url the php function the_sellit_buy_now_button().

The video below shows how this works:

One field is important if you wish to add quantity input. The key should be quantity for items quantity.

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