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How to allow to a team member to add a new RSS Feed for social sharing

In the CRM Social app the team administrator could decide which pages(except the scheduler and history pages but there is possible to decide what will be displayed) will be able to access a team member and what will be able to do. 

The RSS Sharing tool in the CRM Social app could be used to read and share posts on multiple social networks. The team administrator could use this tool based on the selected plan. The team members could use it based on the enabled permissions in their role.

To allow to a team member to add new rss feeds:

  • Go to CRM Team app.
  • Click on the Roles -> wanted role -> Social.
  • Allow Social Access - enable to allow app access.
  • Allow RSS Sharing Access - enable to allow RSS Sharing tool access.
  • Allow RSS Feeds Creation - enable to allow rss feeds adding.

After these actions, the team members with these permissions will be able to add new rss feeds but won't be able to enable them until you will allow this.

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