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How to apply automatically a watermark to the uploaded images and videos

In the CRM Social app could be applied automatically a watermark to all uploaded images and videos. This feature could be configured and enabled from the CRM Social plugin. 

The watermark will be applied automatically in the wanted position of the images and videos. This features works even with the downloaded media files but doesn't work with the RSS Feeds. 

I don't recommend to enable this feature for videos because the process is very long and for big videos, the user will have to wait a lot of time until the watermark will be applied.

The watermark feature could be found in the Social app -> Configuration -> Media.

Is not possible to add multiple watermarks because I prefer a clean UI. The watermark is applied only when the images/videos are uploaded. 

Is not a good idea to upload a custom watermark for each account, because there are two problems:

  • If will be created an image copy for each watermark, will be a storage problem.
  • If the watermark will be applied before publish a photo/video, this will consume a lot of server resources and the time will be very long.

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