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How to auto reply the received comments with the CRM Commenter for Facebook app

CRM Commenter for Facebook app is an app which allows to automatize the replies on the received comments. It could auto reply the comments received on the Facebook Pages which meets the quick replies conditions.

You could use this app to provide automatic responses to the questions in your posts. The comments and their authors will be saved in the CRM Commenter for Facebook app and you will be able even to reply manually or block a user.

To create a quick reply in the CRM Commenter for Facebook app:

  • Go to the CRM Commenter for Facebook app.
  • Click on the Quick Replies menu item.
  • Click on the button New Reply.
  • Enter the keywords which should be used as condition.
  • Select the accuracy for your condition.
  • Enter the text response.
  • Select one or more categories to add the quick reply in a group or multiple groups.
  • Connect a Facebook Page.
  • Select in the Facebook Page the categories which have the wanted quick replies.

After this, ensure the Facebook Page has status ON and the CRM Commenter for Facebook app will take care about your Facebook Page.

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