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How to boost posts automatically on Facebook, Instagram and Messenger

With the Midrub Facebook Ads Manager you are able to boost automatically your posts created on Facebook. Posts are supported from Facebook but can be boosted on Facebook, Messenger and Instagram.

How to boost posts automatically?

  • First of all in the Midrub Facebook Ads Manager app create a Ad Campaign with Post Engagement objective.
  • Then create an Ad Set with your preferences.
  • Than click on Automatizations -> Ad Boosts.
  • Then click on  the button New Ad Boost.
  • Then select the Ad Campaign.
  • Then select the Ad set.
  • Enter the title for your Ad Boost.
  • Select a Facebook Page and if Ad Set has Instagram, select an Instagram Account otherwise error.
  • Save Ad Boost.
  • When in the Posts app you're creating a post click on the button Boost It and select your Ad Boost.
  • Please remember, the Facebook Page where will be published the post should be same which is in Ad Boost.
  • Publish and once post will be published, it will be boosted automatically. 

If you're using Midrub Social Planner, all your posts will be boosted automatically if the selected post was boosted. So, be careful.

In the video below you will see how this works.

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