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How to change the menu's icons in Midrub

I think the option to allow you to custom menu in Midrub is a big advantage. You can easily create your own custom menu.

I've seen more people has no idea how to add icons for the menu's items and in this article i will explain this. 

The user's and frontent's menu items have 5 options:

  • Item's Name - where you can add the item's name.
  • Permalink - where you can select a page, component or app.
  • Permalink input - where you can add the url.
  • Item's Description - used for item's description because you are free to create any kind of menu in your themes.
  • Item's class - used for an item's class. For example you want to custom a menu's item.

The menu structure is 100% my idea based on the needs which i have when i'm developing something. 

Menu which have icons, are using Item's class field to add correct icon code. There you have to write the icon't class, without any html code.

Please watch the video below:

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