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How to collect the phone numbers from the Instagram comments and messages

The iDirect app is able to collect the phone numbers from the received comments an direct message. The phone numbers are saved in a list which can be seen in the iDirect app -> Phone Numbers page. 

To collect the phone numbers, you have to create a condition in the Quick Replies or the Direct Messages pages. The condition should have for example the words "contact me". When someone sends a message or comment with a phone number and the words contact me, the phone number will be collected. In the main page of the app you will see a notification with unseen phone numbers. In the page Phone Numbers you can see the collected phone numbers. 

The phone numbers can be exported in a CSV file. Each phone number has a bade with the text from where was copied(direct messages or quick replies). By clicking on the phone number you will get the comment or message from where was copied the phone number.

In the Phone Numbers page you could easily search the phone numbers by using the search input or pagination. The phone numbers can be also deleted with two clicks.

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