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How to configure Google Shortener Api to short urls in Midrub

Midrub has its url shortener which shorts urls before publish on social networks. Also you have the option to enable Google Shortener. You can enable it from Admin -> Settings -> General -> Midrub Shortener or Google Shortener.

If you have enabled Google Shortener but you didn't configured it, urls will be published as original. 

To configure Google Shortener:

  • Go to your project, created for Blogger, Youtube or Google My Business.
  • Click on Library and search for the URL Shortener API library.
  • Go to Top Left menu -> APIs & Services -> Credentials.
  • Copy Api Key and Authorized domain from OAuth Consent Screen.
  • Then paste in config.php.

You can watch even a video below about the Google Shortener configuration:

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