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How to configure the Adyen gateway to receive payments in the SellIt app

Adyen is a payments gateway which is available in a lot of countries. It can be used to send and receive the payments. You can read more about here

The SellIt app provides too support for the payments gateway Adyen. It isn't available by default but you can purchase it separately.

To configure the Adyen in the SellIt app:

  • Go to the SellIt app.
  • Click on Payments.
  • Click on Adyen.
  • Go here and Sign In.
  • Click on Account and API credentials.
  • Click on the Account Name.
  • The Api Key is hidden and you have to click on the button Generate New API Key to generate a new Api Key.
  • Click on the button Generate New API Key and generate new Api Key.
  • Copy it and Save.
  • Go back to the SellIt app and paste it.
  • Next go to Adyen account.
  • Click on Account and Merchant accounts.
  • Copy the Account code and paste in the SellIt app.

In this way the gateway will be ready to be used. Any user should follow same steps to be able to use the Adyen payments gateway to receive payments.

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