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How to configure the affiliate program in Midrub

Midrub by default has an affiliate program which allows to your users to earn money with sharing their referral url. All new users which will use the referral link to signup a paid plan, will make your users to earn. 

You can decide if your users will earn money based on percentage or exact amount. You can decide which option will be used from Midrub -> Administrator -> Settings -> Affiliates Settings -> Exact Gains. If is enabled, you can add for each plan an amount which will be paid. If is disabled, you can add a percentage. For example if the plan't price is 10 $, you can add 50 which means 50% and your users will earn 5$ for each new user which has signed up with their referral link.

For free plans won't work even if you're adding an amount because the earnings are saved only when the user pays. Decimals are not supported. I can add easy support but i'm sure menu people will add wrong value and affiliates won't work. 1 means 1% or 1 means 1$ or other currency.

The affiliate program could be enabled from Midrub -> Administrator -> Settings -> Affiliates Settings -> Enable Referrals.

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