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How to configure the DropBox Api for the Posts Api

Dropbox is a file sharing hosting where you can host your files and share them with other people. In the Midrub Posts App you have the possibility to import files from the DropBox account and share them on social network. 

Midrub uses the DropBox's Chooser in the Posts app and your users will be able to use photos and videos from DropBox. 

To configure the DropBox Api:

  • Go to
  • Sign In with your DropBox account.
  • Click on the Create app button. 
  • Enter the App's name.
  • And in Chooser/Saver domains add your domain.
  • Copy the App Key and paste in Midrub -> Admin -> User -> Apps ->  Posts -> DropBox App Key.
  • And enable Enable the DropBox multimedia picker

You can watch a video below about the DropBox Api configuration:

I didn't added Google Drive because my popup isn't compatible with their popup. Maybe will be added in other Midrub's apps.

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