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How to configure the Instagram webhook for the iDirect app

If you've configured the Inbox app, just sign in as developer in your Instagram account and in your Facebook application open the Webhooks product. Next select the Intagram there and subscribe to the messages.

If you're not using the Inbox app:

  • Go to your Facebook application.
  • Click on the plus icon where is the Products menu's item.
  • Setup the Webhooks product.
  • In the Webhooks page, use the dropdown to select the Instagram.
  • Subscribe an enter the url 
  • The token should be any which you've added even in the administrator -> User -> Apps ->iDirect -> App Token.
  • Subscribe the fields comments, story_insights, messages and mentions.

Open the config.php file and add

$config['csrf_exclude_uris'] = array('guest/idirect');

First of all, ensure it wasn't added before. Ensure the variable $config['csrf_exclude_uris'] don't exist. If exists, add inside:

$config['csrf_exclude_uris'] = array('guest/idirect', 'other urls');

The required permissions are instagram_basic, instagram_manage_comments, instagram_manage_messages and instagram_manage_insights.

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