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How to configure the Linkedin Api application for the CRM Analytics app

With the CRM Analytics app the users are able to get insights for the Linkedin Companies and their posts. 

To configure the Linkedin api for the CRM Analytics app:

  • First create a Linkedin Api App by following this guide

  • Go to your Linkedin app.

  • Enable in the Products tab the Marketing Developer Platform product.

  • You have to fill a form with your company information.

  • In the Auth tab copy the Client ID and Client Secret.

  • Go to the Midrub CMS administrator -> User(the fifth icon) -> Networks -> Linkedin Companies and paste the Client ID and Client Secret.

  • And in the Additional Scopes field enter r_basicprofile,rw_organization_admin,r_organization_social,w_organization_social.

  • Copy the Redirect Url and add in your Linkedin app -> Auth tab -> OAuth 2.0 settings -> Authorized redirect URLs for your app.

  • And don't forget to go to Midrub CMS -> administrator panel -> User page -> Plans -> wanted plans -> Networks -> enable the wanted networks.

You could read how to create the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy pages here: 

The video below shows how to configure the Linkedin api for companies pages posting:

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