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How to configure the Midrub Facebook Chatbot app

The configuration of the Midrub Facebook Chatbot app isn't hard but you need to have 2 permissions: manage_pages and page_messaging. These permissions allows you to connect the Facebook Pages and send/receive messages in Facebook Messenger.

If you have those permissions, you have to enable the Midrub Facebook Chatbot app:

  • Administrator -> User -> Apps -> Chatbot.
  • Click and Enable. 
  • Next in the same page invent and enter an access token. 
  • In Administrator -> User -> Plans enable the Midrub Facebook Chatbot app.
  • Next go to
  • Select your app.
  • Enable the Webhooks Product.
  • Enter the url (if has www in config.php, add with www, otherwise remove).
  • Enter the access token which you've pasted in the Midrub Facebook Chatbot app.
  • Click on the button Verify and Save.
  • Next Subscribe the bot to the Conversations.
  • Open the file config.php and search for $config['csrf_exclude_uris'] where you have to add this exception , 'guest/chatbot'

Please watch the video below to understand better what you have to do:

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