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How to configure the OpenAI Playground api for the CRM Social app

The OpenAI Playground is allowing to generate text by using the AI. I have integrated the tool's api in the CRM Social app to generate posts and hashtags.

The OpenAI api is easy to be configured but is not free. You could test it for free.

To configure the OpenAI api:

  • Go to

  • Sign in or sign up.

  • Click on your logo.

  • Click the View API keys menu item.

  • Click the button Create new secret key.

  • Copy the api key and paste it in the Midrub CMS -> administrator panel -> Plugins menu item(seventh icon) -> CRM Social -> Ai Content -> API key.

  • In the CRM Social plugin enable this option.

  • Last step is to decide how many tokens would have each user by plan. 

  • In the plans is the option OpenAi Tokens Limit.

The logo is not included. There is no icons which I could provide. You could replace the default logo here assets/base/user/apps/collection/crm-social/img/openai.png

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