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How to configure the PayPal gateway for the SellIt app

The SellIt app has support for PayPal and each user should use his PayPal's application inside the app. Isn't hard the process, it takes maximum 3 minutes.

Why each user should use his PayPal app?

  • Because user will receive money on his PayPal's account.
  • We need to verify if the transaction is valid and we need a PayPal's application for which the transaction was created. 

If a payments gateway isn't configured, it won't be displayed in the created new item, edit an item or import items modal. The configured means the application's credentials + enabled.

The SellIt app requires for PayPal only the application's Client ID and Secret. You can find this in your created application here

The video below shows how to configure the PayPal's gateway for the SellIt app:

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