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How to configure the Pixabay Api for Midrub Posts

Pixabay is a nice service which gives you access to over 1.6 million photos, illustrations, vector graphics, and videos for free. I've decided to integrate it in the Midrub Posts App, maybe will be integrated in other apps too in the future. In this article i will explain how to configure the Pixabay Api for Midrub Posts app.

To configure the Pixabay Api:

  • Go to
  • Sign In and click on the button Get Started.
  • Get Your API key.
  • And paste it in Midrub -> Admin -> User -> Apps -> Posts -> Pixabay API key.
  • Then Enable Pixabay from Midrub -> Admin -> User -> Apps -> Posts -> Enable PixaBay.

You can watch even a video about the Pixabay Api configuration:

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