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How to configure the plans for the CRM Analytics app

CRM Analytics is an app for the Midrub CMS which could be sold as SAAS. The administrator is able to decide in which plans will be enabled this app and which features will be available.

To configure the plans for the CRM Analytics app:

  • Go to the Midrub CMS.

  • Sign In as administrator.

  • Click on the User menu item(the fifth icon in the main menu).

  • Click on the Plans submenu.

  • Click on any plans.

  • Click on the Analytics.

In the Analytics section you will see these options:

  • Enable App - enables the app in the wanted plans.

  • Save To Database - when a user connects its accounts, them will be monitored. If this option is enabled, the reports will be saved in the database. This feature should be enabled only for the paid plans to be sure that the users will return in your website to access the reports.

  • Newsletter Reports Limit - the Newsletter feature sends emails with reports. This option allows to control how many reports could a user schedule in the Newsletter feature.

  • Newsletter Reports Emails Limit - this option allows to decide how many emails could be added in a report. The report will be sent to all these emails.

  • Newsletter Reports PDFs - since the PDFs are paid. You could decide which user will have such option to attach PDF files to the emails.

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