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How to configure the Quick Replies Limit for CRM Commenter for Instagram

In the CRM Commenter for Instagram app users are able to create quick for automatic replies and import them from a CSV file. To avoid an abuse for our server(for example 1 bilion of quick replies) some restrictions are required. For this reason we have two limits to create quick replies: a CSV could have up to 1000 quick replies and the administrator could decide how many quick replies could create the users(by default are 1000).

To set the limit for quick replies:

  • Sign in as Administrator.
  • Go to User -> Apps -> CRM Commenter for Instagram.
  • Set a number in the input Quick Replies Limit.

If the Quick Replies Limit has no a number, the limit will be 1000. If is 0, new quick replies won't be possible to create.

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