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How to configure the VK Api for posting in Midrub

Vk is the most popular social network in Russia. Also it is popular in almost all russian speaking countries. VK is similar to Facebook, but has more basic features. There you can create too, pages, groups, share/like content and they have too ads.

Comparing with Facebook, Vk has a more advanced Api with more features. But, they have a strange way to connect accounts for posting. For login the process is easy.

To configure the VK Api for posting in Midrub:

  • Go to but first login.
  • Create an application(Platform must be Standalone Application).
  • In the Vk a callback is not required.
  • The APP ID and Secure Key should be copied in Midrub -> Admin -> User -> Networks -> VK

And you can watch a video below how to create a VK app:

VK has it's templates in Midrub Stream.

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