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How to configure Whatsapp for the Midrub InboxAll app

To configure the Whatsapp network for the Midrub InboxAll app first of all you have to configure the main Twilio network from Midrub -> Administrator -> User -> Networks -> Twilio(there is a guide for this This is important because Midrub uses one global configuration network configuration for all Midrub's apps. Then, go to Midrub Administrator -> User -> Plans -> Plan -> Networks -> Enable Twilio.

Then, open the zip downloaded from CodeCanyon and upload the file in this location application/base/user/apps/collection/inboxall/networks

After these changes, the  option will be available in the Accounts Manager from the Midrub InboxAll app.

Then, your clients should obtain the Account SID and Auth Token from their Twilio account. Please follow the video below:

Then, your clients should add the InboxAll's callback url:

If anything is configured well, your clients will spend  minute to copy the Account SID and Auth Token, connect their Whatsapp numbers and add InboxAll's callback url for their Whatsapp's numbers.

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