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How to connect and subscribe channels to the bot in the Moderator for Youtube Live app

You have to connect your Youtube channels and subscribe them to the bot to be able to auto reply and remove automatically the unwanted messages with the Moderator for Youtube Live app.

How to subscribe the Youtube Channels the Moderator for Youtube Live's bot?

  • Go to the Moderator for Youtube Live app.
  • Click on the Channels link.
  • Click on the button
  • Connect your Youtube Channels.
  • Then, close the modal and click on the Connect button at the interested Youtube Channel.
  • You will see a red button Connect to Bot.
  • Click that button and the channel is subscribed.

Last step is to connect the categories which are used in the Keywords. You have to create as many keywords as you need and group them by categories. Then you have to subscribe the Channels to the wanted categories and only the keywords with the selected categories will be used or messages moderation.

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