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How to create a Facebook application and configure for the CRM Analytics app

In the CRM Analytics app users could connect their Facebook Pages. The CRM Analytics app uses several permissions for this scope and them should be requested.

First of all, should be created a Facebook application:

  • Go to

  • Sign In and click on the link My Apps.

  • Click on the button Create app.

  • Select Business.

  • Enter the app name and click on the button Create app.

  • Click on the link Add Product.

  • Enable the Facebook Login for Business product.

  • In the Facebook Login for Business product enter your website url.

  • In the Facebook Login for Business product -> Settings -> Valid OAuth Redirect URIs enter the url which you could copy from the Midrub CMS -> administrator panel -> User page -> Networks -> Facebook Pages -> Redirect Url.

  • Last important step is to add the business information, app category, app logo, Privacy Policy URL and Terms of Service URL in your Facebook application -> Settings -> Basic.

Now should be configured the Facebook Pages network in the Midrub CMS:

  • Copy the App ID and App secret from your Facebook application -> Settings -> Basic.

  • The copied App ID and App secret should be used in the Midrub CMS -> administrator panel -> User page -> Networks -> Facebook Pages.

  • In the Additional Permissions field you have to add these permissions: read_insights(if the field is not empty you have to add a quote and after read_insights)

  • Then you have to request these read_insights and pages_show_list permissions from Facebook.

  • It's important to enable these permission email and public_profile.

  • And don't forget to go to Midrub CMS -> administrator panel -> User page -> Plans -> wanted plans -> Networks -> enable the wanted networks.

You could read how to create the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy pages here: 

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