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How to create a Facebook application and configure for the CRM News app

For Facebook Pages and Instagram network we could create one Facebook application. The creation and configuration is hard because requires a lot of attention. There are a lot of details.

First of all, should be created a Facebook application:

  • Go to

  • Sign In and click on the link My Apps.

  • Click on the button Create app.

  • Select Other and click on Next.

  • Select Business.

  • Enter the app name and click on the button Create app.

  • It's important to select a Business account and your business should be verified. 

  • Click on the link Add Product.

  • Enable the Facebook Login for Business product.

  • In the Facebook Login for Business product enter your website url.

  • In the Facebook Login for Business product -> Settings -> Valid OAuth Redirect URIs enter the url which you could copy from the Midrub CMS -> administrator panel -> User page -> Networks -> Facebook Pages -> Redirect Url.

  • Last important step is to add the business information, app category, app logo, Privacy Policy URL and Terms of Service URL in your Facebook application -> Settings -> Basic.

  • Enable the permission email and public_profile.

Now should be configured the Facebook Pages network in the Midrub CMS:

  • Copy the App ID and App secret from your Facebook application -> Settings -> Basic.

  • The copied App ID and App secret should be used in the Midrub CMS -> administrator panel -> User page -> Networks -> Facebook Pages.

  • In the Additional Permissions field you have to add these permissions: pages_manage_engagement,pages_read_engagement,pages_manage_posts

  • Then you have to request these permissions from Facebook.

You could read how to create the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy pages here: 

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