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How to create a group with accounts in the CRM Social app

Groups in the CRM Social app are collections with social accounts which could be used to select with a click all wanted social networks where will be published the created posts. This feature could be useful if a user has multiple social accounts and wants to share a post in all of them.

To create a group with accounts:

  • Go to the Social app.

  • Click on the Groups menu item.

  • Click on the New Group button to create a group.

  • In the All Accounts box you will see all available social networks.

  • By click on a social network will be showed the available accounts.

  • The search engine allows to filter the displayed accounts.

  • To add a social account to the group, click on a social account. 

  • Next, enter the group name in the box where will be added the selected account.

  • Last step is to click on the button Create Group.

If anything is correct(selected accounts and group name), the group will be saved. A report will show if there has been occurred an error and some accounts were not saved correctly.

The created groups could be edited and deleted from the Groups page.

When is created a new group, a record about is saved and displayed in the Activities page. The team administrator could see there who has created a group.

The video below shows how to create a group:

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