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How to create a new menu for the user's panel

From Midrub you have the option to create and manage menu for user's panel. Create, i mean to add items in an existing menu. You can create menu from the user's theme by using the code. But the many the menu's items, you have the admin component User in the section Menu. From there you can manage your menu.

To manage your menu:

  • Sign In as administrator.
  • Click on the User menu's item.
  • Click on the Menu menu's item.
  • Select the user's menu which you want to edit.
  • Once selected you will see the added items. 
  • You can remove or add new items. 

In the video below you're seeing the way to add icons for menu's items in the Blue theme. If you have a different theme, there could be different rules to add icons. 

All menu in Midrub uses same Classifications and Classifications_meta tables in the database. Please don't try to edit the code because is very complex.

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