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How to create plans with multiple periods in Midrub

In the Midrub version was added the Plans Groups feature which allows to group the plans per group. Now you have the option to create multiple groups and assign them to different plans with same information, except the price and periods. You can provide discounts for 6 months or a year or more periods in a plan.

This feature requires a lot of attention. You will have problems to fix it if you're not following my instructions:

  • All visible plans should have a plans group if you're adding to one. If you're adding a plans groups only to one, you will have errors. Better remove plans groups. Them are optionally.
  • When you're deleting a plans group, it will be deleted from all plans where the group is assigned. Be careful, because will generate errors if a plan has a group and other no.
  • Don't add plans group to a hidden plan.

In the video above the styles missing for the tabs links. 

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